| HotGloo: My Favorite Wireframing Tool
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HotGloo: My Favorite Wireframing Tool

HotGloo: My Favorite Wireframing Tool

During the course of my career, I’ve used a variety of tools to communicate designs. In my early years as a web designer, I used Canvas to create designs—this was well before I knew what a wireframe was. Over the years, I learned about wireframing, user experience and in 2006 I switched to using Photoshop to create wireframes.


Photoshop worked well enough, but it didn’t have drag and drop icons, shapes, interactive sharing, commenting, and printing was a challenge.


In spite of this, it was the tool I knew best. I never joined the camp of InDesign, Illustrator, or Visio for creating wireframes. Every time I opened InDesign I was just confused about how to use the application. Illustrator was too time consuming, Omnigraffle and Visio were better for process flows.


In 2012, I started trying out new products. I sampled Balsamiq, Cacoo, Mockingbird, Gliffy, and then magic happened—I tried HotGloo. HotGloo blew me away from the first moment I opened the app. Why?


It was E-A-S-Y.


I was sold. I’ve been using HotGloo for four years now. I regularly try other wireframing tools and keep going back to HotGloo. It’s just too easy to stop using. Plus, their support is fantastic. I’ve never had to wait for a response (thank you, Wolf!).


HotGloo’s perks:


  • User friendly, no learning curve
  • Drag and drop icons and interface components
  • Supports low fidelity wireframing
  • Supports high fidelity, image filled designs
  • Allows for multiple projects
  • Allows multiple users with different roles (Editor vs Reviewer)
  • It’s inexpensive
  • I can invite any number of collaborators
  • It doesn’t complicate my life with too many features
  • Supports the creation of interactive prototypes
  • It doesn’t take forever to do my work (it’s seriously fast)
  • In Review Mode, I can print PDFs and PNGs of every page
  • Reviewers can leave notes all over my designs
  • I can showcase an entire app online


There were a few times where I’ve been tempted away by the likes of UXPin and Adobe XD. I tried them both and they both failed to win my affection due to decreasing my productivity.


I suppose it could be me. Maybe I am not design minded enough to use those other tools. Whatever the case, I love HotGloo and don’t plan to stop using it anytime soon. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to create low or high fidelity wireframes or prototypes.



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