Predictive UX's Karen Passmore and Steve Stesney on Data Mesh Radio

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Predictive UX's (PUX) CEO Karen Passmore and Data Lead Steve Stesney interviewed by Scott Hirleman for Data Mesh Radio. Data Mesh Radio hosts practitioners sharing insights and trends for the data mesh community.

Passmore and Stesney discussed the parallels between knowledge management and its maturity from the early days of content management systems to that of data mesh, as well as, the importance of data ops. They discussed how PUX has been using a human-centered approach to data products to drive real data value to organizations. As part of the discussion, Karen and Steve both shared stories and best practices from real client cases studies around data as a product and the importance of starting any project with a design thinking mindset to capture the full data journey for employees. Listeners will learn how to tackle the challenge of creating a shared understanding and 

The episode is free to anyone interested. Listen here

Picture of Karen Passmore

Karen Passmore

Karen Passmore is the CEO of Predictive UX, an agency focused on product strategies and user experience design for AI and data-rich applications. Karen talks about UX, AI, Inclusive Design, Content and Data Strategies, Search, Knowledge Graphs, and Enterprise Software. Her career is marked by product leadership at Fortune 500 companies, startups, and government agencies.